Who's Who

The Chief Adjudication Team for 2018:

Lucía Arce

Lucía Arce is both the best ESL and Open speaker of this years’ European Championships, 1/2 of the 3rd breaking team, and a quarterfinalist. She is also the reigning Worlds Masters champion, and the winner of 6 other competitions, including Glasgow Ancients, Belgrade Open, and Riga Women’s. She has featured in 12 other finals, won a multitude of speaker awards, and notably broken to LSE Open quarterfinals (twice) and Oxford ESL semifinals.


Lucía has judged the ESL semifinals of Mexico WUDC, ESL finals at the Cambridge IV, and chaired the open finals at Leiden. She has been Chief Adjudicator of over 16 competitions, including the Manchester IV, UCL Presidents’ Cup, Newcastle Mixed Doubles, and Lancaster Schools.

Toby Tricks   

Toby broke top at WUDC 2017, where he also reached the semi-finals. He is also a two times grand finalist of both Euros and the Cambridge IV, and has been ranked amongst the top 10 speakers at both competitions. He has broken as a judge at the Oxford IV and numerous other competitions.

Raffy Marshall    

Raffy was a finalist at Warsaw European Universities Debating Competition 2016. He was ranked 20th best speaker at the World Universities Debating Championships 2016 in Thessaloniki. Raffy has won 16 debating IVs including the LSE Open 2014 and SOAS IV 2015. He was awarded best speaker at SOAS IV 2015, Birmingham IV, and Trinity IV 2016 amongst others. Raffy was also part of the only team in school debating history to win Cambridge, Oxford and Durham Schools in the same year speaking for Dulwich.

John Papantoniou

John is a former Debating Officer at The Cambridge Union who used to run the society's internal training programme. John was a top ten speaker at WUDC 2017 and has broken twice at WUDC as well as EUDC. He has further won and been a top ten speaker at the Oxford IV in 2015 and 2016. John has also won the English National Championships previously.


He was also CA of the Cambridge IV 2016 & 2017, and CA of the Durham Open 2017.