Who's Who

The Chief Adjudication Team for 2019:

Rory Flynn

At Cape Town WUDC 2019, Rory was the 2nd best open speaker and reached the semi-final as half of the 7th breaking team.  In addition to this, she has broken at competitions including Tallinn Euros, the Oxford IV, the Cambridge IV, the Birmingham IV, and the LSE Open.  

She has also been in the top 10 speakers of competitions including the Birmingham IV, the Trinity IV, the Oxford IV, and the Cambridge IV.  Aside from speaking, she has been on the CA team of competitions including the Lancaster IV, the Trinity Open, the Cambridge Women’s Open, and the Manchester IV.  More importantly, in schools, she was the Canadian national champion and a two-time WSDC grand finalist.

Sharmila Parmanand   

Sharmila was a co-CA of the recent Athens EUDC 2019 and upcoming WSDC Mexico 2020 and she has been in adjudication teams or served as a trainer in over 45 countries. Moreover, she was the CA of Berlin WUDC 2013, a two-time DCA of Australs has judged the Grand Final of Australs three times and has judged the Open Grand Finals of WUDC twice. 

Her speaking record is just as impressive - she is a three-time Champion of Asians and a Grand Finalist of Australs! She is currently doing a PhD in Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar.